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Meet the Beechwood Family Wellness Team

Dr. Charles Prange – Chiropractor

Dr. Margaret Introduced Me to Chiropractic

Waterloo Chiropractor Dr. Charles Prange

Dr. Charles Prange

My interest in chiropractic started with my wife, Dr. Margaret. We first met in high school. While she was at university, she was in a car accident. She went to the chiropractor to get help with her whiplash from the accident. I was invited to attend a new patient information session with her to learn about chiropractic. I was fascinated by what I heard!

Understanding the Chiropractic Philosophy

I started chiropractic myself and saw it improve my health. It made me realize that people get healthy from the inside out, without resorting to a lifetime of surgeries or chemicals that mask our symptoms instead of dealing with the cause. I already loved working with people and using my hands. The chiropractic philosophy that the body can heal itself resonated with me, and I knew I wanted to become a chiropractor. read more»

Dr. Margaret Prange – Naturopath

Naturopathic Doctor Proud of her Polish Heritage

Waterloo Naturopath Dr. Margaret Prange

Dr. Margaret Prange

I’m originally from Poland. In Europe, people often grow up using alternative medicines and treatments for their ailments. I’ve been using natural ways to improve my health since I was young.

I moved to Canada to attend university. While there, I was in a car accident and developed problems with anxiety afterward. Medical doctors couldn’t help me, so I saw a naturopath for my problems. I got so much better that I was inspired to become a naturopath.

Dr. Margaret is married to Beechwood Family Wellness’s chiropractor, Dr. Charles. They have three daughters. Dr. Margaret enjoys sharing naturopathic medicine with her patients and sees many people with Polish and other European backgrounds. read more»

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